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Creating Tomorrow Together

What I’ve Done for Our City

Where I Stand

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My name is Rebecca Chamberlain-Creanga, and I'm running for re-election to Troy City Council, because I want to work with residents to create tomorrow together!
Last year, Troy residents overwhelmingly voted to keep me on City Council in a highly competitive special election. Since then, I've worked hard to listen to my neighbors and to collaborate with fellow council members, so that together we could lead our city through these unprecedented times.
Troy has given me so much: my career and a beautiful community in which to raise our son. Troy's award-winning schools, rich diversity and strong neighborhoods make it a "#1 best town" in America. As we make our way out of the pandemic, Troy remains extraordinary – and I firmly believe Troy is on the cusp of something even more extraordinary. 
With my resident-first track record on City Council, a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics and a career that spans international development and philanthropy, I will listen and work hard to ensure Troy seizes this moment and residents have a voice in shaping the future.
Thank you and I hope I've earned your vote.
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Track Record

Troy, Michigan

Confronted COVID and
Offered Support

Not only did I confront COVID head-on, but I prioritized what mattered - supporting our First Responders and local economy. The coronavirus pandemic gave rise to financial hardship and uncertainty. It put everyone at risk, especially our seniors. As soon as I joined City Council, I went to work in using my experience on a pandemic task force to ensure the City of Troy closed and opened safely during the pandemic – making certain our police, fire and frontline workers had the PPE and support they needed to keep City services going. I used every resource Troy had available, and coordinated with county, state and federal government in a nonpartisan manner, to help small businesses and to keep residents safe.

Troy Public Library

Protected our
Quality of Life

I protected the building blocks of our community, starting with the Stage Nature Center and Troy Historic Village, speaking up to provide emergency funding when they were at risk during the pandemic. I helped restore 7-day service to the Troy Public Library through the passage of a new, historic 10-year millage. Robust resident input – which I advocated for – was at the heart of the successful millage proposal. I voted for repairs to reopen the Troy Family Aquatic Center, and I supported turning an old parking lot into a public green space outside the Troy Community Center – connected to our Troy trails and pathways. These community assets have enhanced our quality of life and brought our diverse community together. They make us a community, not just a city.


Put Residents First in Decision-making 

Residents should have a say in the decisions that impact them. With my background in community engagement, I advocated that we draw the community into our decision-making – from the City’s annual budget process to master plan update to regular community surveys to inform where our tax dollars are spent. In my time on Council, I have put forward resources and proclamations to support resident outreach and celebrate our community in all of its diversity.  

Track Record

Vote Safely. Vote Absentee.

Voting by mail? If you want to request an absentee ballot, please visit the Troy City Clerk's Office at City Hall. When you're ready to turn in your ballot, drop it off at the Troy City Hall voting dropbox!

The Issues



I believe in showing residents how their taxes benefit our city and making sure we get the most out of every dollar we spend. I will always support investing in the bedrock of our community—our police, fire and first responders—and the other public services and spaces that make Troy a great place to live.


I have also advocated for a more strategic process for City Council goal setting to guide City funding priorities, which will begin in November 2021. As we make our way out of the pandemic, I will put my strategy and evaluation background to work, ensuring every tax dollar is used effectively and efficiently.



COVID hit our local businesses hard. I will continue to use every resource available to support Troy’s business community and to ensure Troy is well positioned to be a regional and national leader in business attraction and retention, evolving to meet the demands of a changing world.


One of our greatest economic development tools is our master plan. I will ensure the update of our master plan positions Troy to be a regional and national leader in business attraction and retention, especially in the face of a changing economy with more remote work and less need for office space.



With strong neighborhoods and award-winning amenities, Troy represents the very best of the American dream —and I’ll work to keep it that way. From safeguarding our parks and green spaces to investing in our library, trails and recreation, I’ll fight for an updated master plan that prioritizes residents’ needs and preserves the character of our city.


I will focus on how our quality of life is the glue that brings our diverse community together. I will advocate for placemaking and multi-generational amenities around our parks and civic assets, like the Troy Community Center. I will continue to be a problem-solver, finding innovative solutions to fund quality of life needs, like the Troy Family Aquatic Center and our trails and pathways. By investing in a sustainable manner, these amenities will be available for generations to enjoy.

The Issues

"My entire life has been devoted to helping solve the issues that matter most in people’s lives – that includes strengthening economies across the country and globe. I am a life-long humanitarian and problem-solver, and I care deeply about Troy. I have steered our city through a global pandemic and helped us come out on top. I am ready to keep doing the hard work to ensure we seize the bright future that I know is ahead."

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to Troy City Council

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