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Council Member Edna Abrahim Endorses Campaign

Council Member Edna Abrahim endorses Rebecca Chamberlain-Creanga for Troy City Council

July 02, 2020

Rebecca is proud to announce that she received an endorsement from Council Member Edna Abrahim!

From Rebecca:

"I am so honored and thankful for Edna’s support as I retain my seat on Troy City Council for the August 4th election. She is one of the most kind, humble, brilliant, and hardworking people I have ever met. She has been serving her community for years and knows how to put everyone at ease.

Among our team, you’ll find camaraderie and an atmosphere of collaboration that helps a team perform better.Edna plays a big role in that. I’m proud to be on her team. Thank you, Edna!"

Read Council Member Abrahim's full endorsement here:

“Rebecca has studied and worked across the country and the world, but, because of our diversity, chose to raise her family in Troy. Rebecca's impressive background was one reason she was appointed unanimously to Troy City Council. Since then, I've been impressed by her thought-provoking questions, her diligent and thorough study of the budget, and her ability to lead in difficult times. Her PhD and experience working for the World Bank guide her in community-driven development, resident engagement, and conflict resolution, all of which are critical skills in guiding Troy out of the Covid-19 economy. Her leadership, communication, and evaluation skills are essential to our community. Rebecca was the right choice in February and remains the right choice to serve Troy residents today.” - Edna

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