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Council Member Ellen Hodorek Endorses Campaign

Council Member Ellen Hodorek endorses Rebecca Chamberlain-Creanga for Troy City Council

June 29, 2020

Rebecca is proud to announce that she received an endorsement from Council Member Ellen Hodorek!

From Rebecca:

"It is a privilege to serve on the Troy City Council with the admirable Ellen Hodorek. “The essence of great leadership is influence, not authority.” This quote makes me think of Ellen. Her actions inspire others to do more and become more. I am so proud to have her endorsement as I retain my seat on Troy City Council for the August 4th election. Thank you for your strength, support and for such thoughtful words, Ellen!"

Read Council Member Hodorek's full endorsement here:

“Rebecca had my vote when she was first appointed to City Council in February and she certainly has my vote again August 4th. Her dedication to the challenges at hand has been impressive, as has been her effort to work respectfully and collaboratively with everyone involved. She has the wisdom and heart to serve all of our fellow residents — no matter where they stand on the political spectrum — with ethics and. civility. This is all bolstered by a unique resume that is essential to round out the capabilities of the City Council. She clearly possesses the talent, professionalism, and high ethical standards this community expects and deserves. Moreover, Rebecca has just the expertise essential to help us meet our next critical priority: true citizen engagement. For sure, she is the right person with the right skills at the right time for our community.” - Ellen

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